Rampages Volumes 1-2-3 is unlike any previous sheep hunting books, and is 6 times their size. One review states: “This is by far the most complete study on Dall Sheep hunting available with no subject untouched, and the depth and attention to detail is outstanding.

Every student of Dall Sheep and the hunting of this majestic monarch should have a copy in their library to refer to. It is invaluable and destined to become a classic. Of great importance is the fact that it preserves the rich history of those early pioneers before their accomplishments and memories were lost in time!”

Lew Bradley Packing out a Ram from a Hunt

Lew Bradley Packing out a Ram from a Hunt

This is a serious work; qualifying as the Gutenberg Bible of Dall sheep hunting. It is that good! We conserve land through outreach, restoration, and research.



Lewis D. Bradley

47 years Alaska resident

Served in US Army 1967-1970

Hunted Alaska since 1968

Teacher & Coach for 40 years

Antler, Horn & Bone Carver

Harvested 35 Dall Rams

14 Rams over 40”

9 B&C Dalls with 3 Rams 180+